This page describes some "best practices" regarding web security, and details revIgniter's internal security features.

URI Security

revIgniter is fairly restrictive regarding which characters it allows in your URI strings in order to help minimize the possibility that malicious data can be passed to your application. URIs may only contain the following:

GET Data

GET data is simply disallowed by revIgniter since the system utilizes URI segments rather than traditional URL query strings (unless you have the query string option enabled in your config file). The global GET array is set to empty by the Input library during system initialization.

Best Practices

Before accepting any data into your application, whether it be POST data from a form submission, COOKIE data, URI data, XML-RPC data, or even data from the SERVER array, you are encouraged to practice this three step approach:

  1. Filter the data as if it were tainted.
  2. Validate the data to ensure it conforms to the correct type, length, size, etc. (sometimes this step can replace step one)
  3. Escape the data before submitting it into your database.

revIgniter provides the following handlers to assist in this process: